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Pullet Rearing

We have six separate rearing farms, situated in Perthshire, Angus, Stirlingshire and Ayrshire, rearing day old chicks through to point of lay at 16 weeks old.

Each farm is registered and audited with BEIC and Freedom Foods. They are fitted out with the latest step rearing equipment to allow the chicks to be reared in as near their natural environment that is practically possible.

Our rearing capacity amounts to 90,000 birds reared at any one time allowing us annually to distribute 3/4 million free range and organic point of lay pullets for the Scottish Egg Industry.

We cater for orders of 50 birds up to 120,000 birds.

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Laying Farms

Our laying farms are split between organic and free range egg production.

One farm in Angus with 12,000 Organic birds and a further two farms in Perthshire consists of one with 24,000 Free Range and one with 16,000 Free Range.  All these farms are registered and audited with Freedom Foods and BEIC inspectors.

Both Free Range and Organic eggs are sold to a National Packer/Retailer.

We also sell our eggs in our Vending Machine, located at one of our laying Farms @ Cransley Farm, Liff, Near Dundee, DD2 5NP


JSR Services (Blairgowrie) ltd live bird transport

JSR Services now have 5 dedicated live bird transporters.  These lorries are custom designed for moving live birds and for no other haulage purpose.  Each transoporter has its own Moffat mounted forklift attached and our drivers personally look after loading and unload their vehicles.  On top of these JSR Services has a smaller Scania 420 rigid lorry.  This has been added to the fleet to accomodate our Organic customers who often need small bird numbers delivered to smaller hard to reach sites.  It too has its own Moffat mounted forklift.

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