Pullet Rearing

JSR’s family organic pullet rearing farms are located in 5 different Scottish locations – Blairgowrie, Perth, Stirling, Lanark and Ayr.

To allow us the highest biosecurity standards the farms are all located within 100 miles of our Blairgowrie base this  allows us to monitor each individual flock separately but still close enough together to regularly monitor our organic pullet rearing farms, the proximity of the farms allows better placed pullet transport etc. so this can remain as welfare friendly and cost efficient as possible.

Our spread of shed sizes range from 8,000 birds per rear to maximum of 32,000 per rear. And over a 12 month period has the capacity to produce 400,000, 16 week old birds, for the Scottish Free Range industry, all farms are RSPCA and freedom foods and BEIC registered. And are fitted out with the highest welfare layouts to allow the day old chicks to grow and develop in a stress free friendly environment as possible. Out of a total rearing capacity more than 50% is allocated to part organically reared birds and because of our integrated family transport system allows us to deliver consignments from as little as 50 / 100 birds to larger commercial assignments.

Our customers are very loyal to us and have been with us for many years; but we also welcome orders from new customers “no order is too big or small”. To take advantage of any services our rearing operation provides you must place orders at least 20 wks. prior to when the point of Lay pullet is required to allow us the necessary time to allocate to the individual order to the best possible site much planning and consideration goes into each independent order.

For the best in organic pullet rearing call us today on 07831 541703