Success for Finlay Retson Motorsport

Success for Finlay Retson Motorsport

3 in a row!

Round 3 of the Junior Ecosse challenge was at Crail for the Crail summer stages. Two years ago it was my first event so I’m always excited to do it.

Ss1 & 2 we went for a push to try and get a lead coming in after two stages with a 16sec lead.

Ss3 we got a puncture on the first lap going over a bump, we only lost time on right hand Corners but never lost time to 2nd place. But we sheered a wheel stud in the process. Thanks to G & M Mechanical Services for getting the car back out.

At the end of the rally
Retson/Falconer. 53.36
Tindall/Hudson 54.30
Chalmers/ Macivor 54.57

Incar will follow soon.