Laying Farms

JSR Services (Blairgowrie) Ltd have 2 free range and 1 organic laying farm all set in the heart of rural Perthshire no more than 30 mins from our familys headquarters In Blairgowrie.

Our flock consists of 40,000 Free range and 12,000 Organic birds and are all house in the highest welfare facilities available. All our farms are freedom foods and BEIC registered and are audited several times a year to ensure our staff and facilities are at the highest level.  JSR Services Organic farm is registered with the Scottish Organic Producers Association who insist on the highest level of bird welfare and organic standards.  All the staff employed on these farms have had extensive training on bird welfare and best practices not only in house but from the relevant governing bodies.  JSR Services also have all their farm employees do the government and freedom foods Food Hygiene accreditation as they are not just considered stock farmers but food producers of the highest quality.  We have health and safety training going on continually and all the staff have been First Aid trained.

All the birds on our farms have come from JSR Services own rearing farms.   This ensures quality of pullet which helps give consistency in supply to our packer.   Our Scottish reared birds lay Scottish eggs so we feel its important to work with Scottish packers to give a 100% genuinely Scottish egg.   All eggs that leave our farms are individually stamped so there is full tractability of our product.  They are placed on to plastic trays and pallets which are cleaned after every use.  Both packers we work with have temperature controlled transportation and first class state of the art packing centers.  This was important when we choose to work with these packers as we know they will deliver our first class eggs to the shop shelves to the standard we want them too.  If you look at an egg you will see a stamping code,  example 1UKSCO241,, The first number is for the production method, 1 being free range, the UKSCO means the eggs are from Scotland and the 241 is the exact farm the eggs came from,  241 is our Hillocks of Gourdie farm.  So if your eggs have 1UKSCO241 you can be assured they are quality.