JSR free range and organic laying farms are set in the heart of Perthshire country side all based around our family headquarters In Blairgowrie.

57,000 free range layers, 3,000 organic layers, and all producing eggs for the family, packer, retailer Noble Foods, in Thornton in Fife.

All farms are run to highest bio security standards and are freedom foods and RSPCA BEIC registered, these registration assure our packers and their customers that our birds are being looked after to the highest welfare standards, they are allowed outside on to pasture which is mowed on a regular basis and is also planted in trees to give our free range hens the best environment possible to allow them to produce stress free range eggs for our customers.

All replacement pullets are reared by ourselves and to find out more about our family rearing business click here.

Eggs are collected daily from all our sheds and are packed and stamped with the method of production i.e Free Range or Organic also our farm producer number and of course SCO to make sure no matter where our eggs are found in the food supply chain they can be fully traced to the farm of production. All farms have temperature controlled egg stores and are all packed on plastic trays and pallets which allows them to be cleaned and washed thoroughly between every use. This allows us to maintain the highest standard of hygiene for all our eggs.

During their stay with us all our hens are strictly monitored to make sure they have adequate feed, water, light, in a temperature controlled environment and they are even weighed weekly to monitor their daily health and they continue through their laying cycle.