JSR Services (Blairgowrie) Ltd live bird transport – is all operated by family members and at the moment our oldest and youngest sons drive and control all aspects of this very specialised part of the business.

Lorries and trailers are checked every 6 weeks for all aspects of safety strictly controlled by VOSA they check all aspects of vehicle servicing and repair work, This is a crucial part of running these vehicles as they are subject to spot roadside checks to ensure we are complying with all aspects of legislation.

On the welfare side of live bird transport all consignments of point of lay pullets must be accompanied with traceability documentations etc. This details who’s animals are being transported where and when they were loaded, how many are on the vehicle and species type, final destination, time of arrival and final time of unloading.

Our sons and anyone in charge of this type of transport themselves have to go through mandatory training to prove they have the knowledge and experience in the transport of live animals.

Over and above mandatory legislations our vehicles are also RSPCA and Freedom Foods approved and are subject to annual independent auditing

All vehicles carry their own independent mechanical forklift to allow complete independence while loading and unloading there cargo. All trailers are inter-changeable so in the event of breakdown, accidents etc. minimises any disruption.

GPS is fitted along with on board telephones this allowing the vehicles to be monitored during their journeys, this allows us to monitor accurate collection and delivery times for their destination