JSR Services (Blairgowrie) Ltd now have 5 dedicated live bird transporters.  These  lorries are custom designed for moving live birds and for no other haulage purpose.

Each transporter has its own Moffat mounted forklift attached and our divers personally look after loading and unload their vehicles.   All trailers are inter-changeable so in the event of breakdown, accidents etc. disruption to delivery times is minimized.  On top of these articulated transporters JSR Services has a small Scania 420 rigid lorry.  This vehicle is used for transporting the smaller amounts of birds that our Organic pullet customers need.  Often the numbers are below 2000 birds and these types of sheds are mostly on small hard to reach sites, so this lorry has been specially commissioned for the job.  It too has its own Moffat mounted forklift.   All JSR Services Lorries and trailers are checked every 6 weeks for all aspects of safety strictly controlled by VOSA.  This is a crucial part of running these vehicles as they are subject to spot roadside checks to ensure we are complying with all aspects of legislation.

JSR Services run a strict bio security protocol with their vehicles.  Every time one returns to the yard it is parked on our custom built wash bed.  There the modules are all striped from the  trailers and along with the trailer are washed and disinfected.  When washing JSR Services have to comply with strict SEPA legislation so SEPA were consulted and had input to the design and build of a custom washbay.

On the welfare side of live bird transport all consignments of point of lay pullets must be accompanied with tractability documentations. This details who’s animals are being transported and where and when they were loaded.  It also includes things like how many are on the vehicle, species type, final destination, time of arrival and final time of unloading.  All JSR Services drivers have sat and passed Freedom Foods Bird Welfare in Transport certification so are more than qualified to look after their load or any distance.

Over and above mandatory legislation’s our vehicles are also RSPCA and Freedom Foods approved and are subject to annual independent auditing

GPS is fitted along with hands free telephone kits,  this allowing the vehicles to be monitored during their journeys. This also allows us to have accurate collection and delivery times for the pullets from and to their destination.

JSR Services (Balirgowrie) Ltd  not only move there own live birds but also do the transport for all the major egg production companies in Scotland and the North of England.  If you would like any further information or wish to discuss JSR Services (Blairgowrie) Ltd helping with your pullet deliveries please email or Call Andrew Retson (Farms and Transport) Director direct on 07734235700.