Pecking stones

JSR Services (Blairgowrie) Ltd now carry stock of a wide range of Bird Welfare Enhancements.  These enhancements can be used in the rearing process and then also once the birds are housed in the laying sheds.

With the ever increasing demand on the birds to give a maximum output of quality product research states that having some extra enrichment can do the birds the world good.  Enrichment’s such as Lucerne bails hanging for the birds to peck at and eat will not only keep the birds stimulated but supply them with extra fiber.  This extra fiber helps with reducing feather loss and stress so keeps the birds producing better quality eggs for longer.  As all egg farmers will tell you if they can keep the shell colour and quality good there is more profit to be made.

Another popular enrichment are the Vilofoss Pecking Stones.  Birds naturally want to peck at things and forage so placing these blocks around the scratch area will give their area a more natural feel.  On top of these the blocks are full of minerals to help with bird health so keep them happy all round.

There is a minimal cost to these enhancements so JSR Services do not include these with every rear.  If you would like any enhancements to be put in as part of your rearing please requested this on order.